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Leader of Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow PUSH Coalition Resigned After Three Months 

So who will step up next?

The new leader of civil rights activist Rev. Jesse Jackson’s organization has resigned just three months after becoming CEO and president. 

On Apr. 16, Rev. Frederick Haynes III submitted a letter with his resignation as head of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, effective immediately.

“I remain committed to honoring the rich history of RPC and the legacy of its esteemed leader, the incomparable Reverend Jesse L. Jackson Sr., and most significantly, to the calling and pursuit of social justice,” he wrote. “I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all who have expressed their support since my appointment in July of last year. Rest assured that my work in the fight for liberation and freedom continues.” 

Haynes said it was best to step down “after prayer and consultation.” He also declined to provide further details regarding his decision but mentioned feeling it was “necessary” to move on in light of “challenges that continue to exist.” 

The Dallas, Texas-based pastor took charge of the organization, which was founded in 1971 to advocate for diverse hiring in the corporate sector, in Chicago, after Jackson announced he was stepping down in July 2023. Haynes’ official takeover didn’t begin until February 2024, but the pastor used the summertime to hit the ground running with office duties. 

Jackson released a statement accepting Haynes’ resignation and claims the duo will remain as “partners in the fight for peace, civil rights, and economic justice.” “We will carry on the vital work of protecting, defending, and gaining civil rights by leveling the economic and educational playing fields,” Jackson said. 

“Our commitment to promoting peace and justice around the world remains unwavering.”

In the meantime, Jackson’s son and attorney, Yusef, will continue to serve as the organization’s chief operating officer. 

According to NBC DFW, Haynes has been the senior pastor at Friendship-West Baptist Church for more than 40 years, which has close to 13,000 members. During his brief appointment, the 63-year-old remained in Dallas while leading the coalition. 

Haynes said he was inspired by the two-time presidential candidate and was invited to speak before the organization after connecting with Jackson in the 1990s. While stepping down from his leadership post, the pastor expressed hopes of continuing collaborative efforts with RPC in the future. “He remains one of my heroes. He remains one of the great leaders of all time,” Haynes said.

Despite numerous health issues, including being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, Jackson, at 82 years old, continues to push for justice. He recently made an appearance at a Chicago City Council meeting in January 2024 to provide support for the resolution of a cease-fire in the Israel-Hamas war.