Los Angeles Rams Rookie Ronnie Rivers Wins $500K at Las Vegas Casino

An NFL player made more money sitting at a table in Las Vegas than he did actually making a living in the professional football league this year.

According to Yahoo Sports, NFL running back, Ronnie Rivers who plays for the Los Angeles Rams took home more money at a Caesars Palace casino in one sitting than he made from his National Football League rookie salary.

Caesars Palace announced on its Twitter account that Rivers won over half a million dollars when he took home $514,837 playing 3-Card poker over the weekend.

@CaesarsRewards guest and @RamsNFL player Ronnie Rivers hit the Mega Progressive Jackpot this weekend winning $514,837 on 3-card poker!”

This took place at the Ceasars Palace in Las Vegas.

The running back won the money when he hit the “Mega Progressive Jackpot” while sitting at a three-card poker table on Saturday after pulling up a royal flush.

Rivers’ salary for the season that just ended was $705,000. After taxes, according to Spotrac, that amounts to an estimated take-home pay of $515,670. Without having to break a sweat, he almost matched that amount just by sitting down. Rivers is anticipating making $870,000 next season after signing another contract with the Rams.

After playing his collegiate career at Fresno State University, where he amassed 788 yards and scored seven touchdowns, he made it to the NFL without being drafted. He played the regular season with the Arizona Cardinals and the Rams. He recorded 21 yards on nine carries in several games with the Rams in October.

Fox 5 KVVU reported that Rivers stated he was at the casino this past weekend to celebrate his and his mother’s birthday. With the winning, he said he intends on purchasing a house with the $514,837.

He discovered an excellent way to celebrate his birth.