Drake Wins $830K Windfall From Bet On NBA Finals

Canadian rapper Drake raked in more than $800,000 after betting on the National Basketball Association Finals.

According to his Instagram, the songwriter pulled in a net of $830,000 and shared a photo of a Stake bet that brought in an estimated payout of $850,000. He predicted the Denver Nuggets would triumph over the Miami Heat, winning four games to one in the 2023 NBA Finals. On June 12, 2023, the Nuggets won their fourth game, and the chips fell just as the rapper predicted they would. The bet cost him $250,000, according to the photo. The singer also wagered $1 million that the Nuggets would be the winning team, LOVEBSCOTT reported. The estimated payout for his second bet was $1.23 million per the outlet.

Drake has been known for betting on the losing side in the sports world. His not-so-good track record became known as the “Drake Curse,” TMZ reported. The rapper’s wager on the Denver Nuggets ended the curse.

Drake is not the only one feeling like the MVP after the win. The championship is a first for the Denver team, and Nikola Jokić helped lead the team to victory. The Serbian raked in all votes for the Finals MVP, per Yahoo Sports. At seven feet tall, Jokić scored 28 of the team’s 94 points. Yahoo Sports reported that Jokić also finished the championship-winning game with four assists and 16 rebounds. The Serbian was ready to go home after the game and said in a broadcast, “The job is done. We can go home now.”

The Miami Heat ended the game with 89 points and no regrets. Erik Spoelstra, coach for the Miami Heat, said, “Guys were staggering around because both teams were playing so hard. That’s what this league should be about. There’s no regrets on our end. Sometimes you get beat, and Denver was the better team in this series,” according to Yahoo Sports.

Jokić may have been ready to head home after the game, but Drake hit a rich flex with his postgame Instagram photo.