Rapper Slim Thug Opens Up About Recovering From Coronavirus (Video)

Rapper Slim Thug Opens Up About Recovering From Coronavirus (Video)

Stayve “Slim Thug” Thomas never expected to end up as one of the hundreds of thousands of Americans who have tested positive for the coronavirus. When the global pandemic first hit American soil last month, the self-described hypochondriac immediately limited his social activity and began wearing a mask and gloves whenever he went outside. The Houston-based rapper says he even went as far as to scold others on his Instagram page for not taking the social distancing guidelines seriously. Yet, as fate would have it, the 39-year-old hip hop star tested positive for the novel virus in the middle of March.

“I just had mild symptoms, just like a headache, fever, shortness of breath,” said the rapper in an interview with BLACK ENTERPRISE.

After experiencing symptoms, he asked his sister to make an appointment for him with his personal doctor. A day later he revealed to his 1.1 million Instagram followers that he had tested posted for the virus.


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Just found out I got Corona virus

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Thomas began taking hydroxychloroquine and zinc as prescribed by his doctor, but he also doubled up on a variety of herbs, vitamins, and teas to boost his immune system.

“I’ve been on a lot of herbs,” he says. That includes “oregano oil, black seed oil, spirulina, turmeric tea,” he said. In order to soothe his throat, which he said sometimes felt tight, he inhaled steam from a pot of boiling hot water filled with orange peels, sea salt, and onions. Fortunately, he says, “it didn’t hit me as hard as it hit a lot of other folks.”

In addition to the medicines and natural remedies, Thomas believes his active lifestyle helped him fight off the virus. “I usually run three miles, go to the gym, and box every day. I have high blood pressure so I try to stay on top of my fitness,” he said. “Health is wealth. It could have been a difference between me being in a hospital bed right now than just feeling mild symptoms. The most important thing you can do is take care of yourself.”

On Tuesday, he was happy to report that he is well on his way to recovery. “I feel good, actually. I feel like I’m back to normal now,” he said, adding that he still experiences “a little shortness of breath.” Nevertheless, he says he plans to remain in quarantine until he speaks to his doctor again.

Thomas, who released a new mixtape on March 27 titled “Thug Life,” says he’s looking forward to getting back to normal life once COVID-19 is contained and the social distancing guidelines are relaxed. “I can’t wait to ride one of my Old Schools and getting back to messing with my cars. That’s what I look forward to.”

Watch BLACK ENTERPRISE’s interview with Slim Thug below.