Exonerated Five’s Raymond Santana Says Deelishis’ Cheating and Calling Cops On Him Led to Divorce

The Exonerated Five’s Raymond Santana said his marriage to Deelishis ended because of the reality star’s cheating and shady antics.

Santana opened up in an Instagram Live session with Eric Whitehead of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Fans of the show are watching the messy end to Whitehead’s marriage to Sierra Gates, where he seemingly tried to win her back before she blindsided him with divorce papers.

Whitehead is seeking counsel from Santana, who has dealt with his own heartbreak with a reality star. The two divorcees spoke candidly during their session, captured by Its Onsite, where Santana recalled the moment he saw a “shift” in his marriage to the Flavor of Love star and that his wife “was no longer with me.”

“I confronted my partner, I confronted her several times,” he shared. “And I said ‘look I see it, you’re not here no more. You just have to be real with yourself'”

Santana also revealed “the conversation” he had with Deelishis where he claimed to know about her alleged cheating.


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“I knew already that I was being cheated on,” he said. “I already knew there was infidelity in the marriage.”

Santana also denied rumors of his infidelity. “No matter what they said about me, I never cheated.” He shared the understanding he had for Deelishis: both came from the struggle and had to “fight” for survival.

He shared how he wanted his then-wife to just admit that she wanted out of their marriage. Santana claimed he had “no bad blood” when he and Deelishis decided to part ways. The turmoil, Santana said, came when Deelishis “started calling the police on me,” he said.

“When you try to call the police on me. When you take me to court because now you think that you’re entitled to some of my money,” Santana said.

Noting how all of his claims are “documented,” Santana said his allegations are supported by court dates where a judge allegedly told Deelishis she had no right to the Exonerated Five member’s money or cars since he had them before they started dating.

Afterward, she started to accuse him of cheating and being a narcissist.

Santana and Deelishis were married for two years after meeting on Instagram in 2019. Santana filed for divorce in November 2021 saying the marriage was “irretrievably broken with no hope of reconciliation.”


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