Ready To Move

Q: I am Haitian-American with an M.B.A. and M.S. in management. I live near Miami, where the job market is terrible and the majority of jobs require that you speak Spanish. I was thinking about finding a city where a black man with an M.B.A. might have a chance to earn a living. Do you have any idea where I should move to?
— M. Theranus
Coral Springs, FL
A: You shouldn’t feel discouraged with your job search in the Miami area, considering that the most viable industries — tourism and entertainment — would require many applicants to be bilingual because of the demographic makeup of the city. What’s important is that you are inclined to move. Many job seekers lose potentially great opportunities because they refuse to relocate. According to, there are several cities in particular that are poised for job growth. They include Charlotte, North Carolina, where employment has grown 28% since 1990. U.S. growth is just at 19%. Employment in that city’s financial services is 70% above the national average. The Partnership 2010 initiative has brought more than 300 companies to Nashville, Tennessee, and the city is becoming a leader in healthcare education, related expertise, and technology.

You should also reference our July 2004 issue, which featured the “10 Best Cities to Live, Work, & Play.” The list included Atlanta; Washington, D.C.; Dallas; Houston; Birmingham, Alabama; Memphis, Tennessee; Columbus, Ohio; and Baltimore, as well as Charlotte and Nashville.