7 Reasons Your Brand Should Start Podcasting

7 Reasons Your Brand Should Start Podcasting

Podcasting used to be a platform only reserved for the hardcore techies, but that’s changed in recent years. Apple recently announced a major milestone for the re-emerging platform. Apple now boasts over 1 billion active podcast subscriptions with more than 250,000 shows. The announcement made it clear that podcasting is back and here to stay.

It is now one of the most popular content types with far fewer content creators than the blogosphere, which makes podcasting an untapped resource for many brands. Business owners who join the world of podcasting can leverage the platform to gain more exposure both domestically and internationally, generate more leads and increase revenue. iTunes has become another search engine for millions of monthly visitors seeking content.

BlackEnterprise.com contributor Courtney McKenzie outlines why your brand should begin podcasting today:

Leverage an already existing platform

iTunes has over 1 billion podcast subscriptions, so why not leverage the platform and built-in audience?  Creating a podcast will connect you with an audience that may have otherwise never been introduced to your brand.

More accessible than any other content type

Thanks to smartphones and tablets listeners can easily access podcast episodes on the go. Consumers enjoy listening to podcasts because it gives them a more convenient way to consume content. Unlike video or blogs that require users to look at a screen, podcasts can be enjoyed while commuting to work, exercising, or completing practically any task while on the move.

Solidify your position as an expert in your industry

Podcasting is the perfect opportunity to position yourself as a leading industry expert. You can also invite other industry experts on your show to add value.

Educate and inform already existing customer base

Content is king. You probably already have a website and accounts on various social networking sites, but by adding an additional content medium, you will continue to educate your existing audience with high-quality content in an easily accessible way.

Build rapport and influence with audience and core market

With each podcast episode you’ll deliver valuable insight that will help build your know/like/trust factor amongst your listeners. In turn, you’ll create a community of listeners who will become loyal to your brand.

Introduction to international markets

Users from over 150 countries listen to podcasts. This provides an opportunity for you to connect with the international market.

Additional revenue stream

There are many ways to profit from your podcast. Once you gain a robust listener base, you can secure sponsorships from businesses that want to connect with your audience. You can also promote your products and services on the platform as well.

Courtney McKenzie is a podcast consultant and digital strategist. McKenzie is the founder of Entrepreneur 2.0, a top-ranked business podcast in iTunes, and is the Founder of Crowned Public Relations, Inc — the leading digital public relations based in Palm Beach/Miami, FL. Connect with her online at www.courtneymckenzie.com, on Twitter @CeoCourtney.