Receive Premium Cybersecurity Training For Only $49

Receive Premium Cybersecurity Training For Only $49

Cybersecurity threats are increasingly becoming rampant. In fact, only a week before Russia invaded Ukraine, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) raised a “Shields Up” warning, encouraging organizations of all sizes to ramp up their cybersecurity measures and be extra alert on any disruptive cyber activity.

While this doesn’t imply in any way that your small business might be directly affected, the organizations that you rely on to stay functional might. “The reason why there are these bulletins coming out, especially directed at small and medium-sized businesses, is that we have learned the hard way about the fragility of the global supply chain,” Theresa Payton, a former White House chief information officer said.

There’s no question, cybersecurity protocols must be implemented, and if you can’t hire an entire team to do it for you just yet, you can take matters into your own hands by boosting your cybersecurity skills. The Complete 2022 CompTIA Cyber Security and PenTest Super Bundle can help you on this front.

Packed with over 180 hours of premium training from iCollege, a leading organization on employee training, this bundle helps you beef up your knowledge and skills in building a secure network for not just your business, but for any business. You’ll learn how to analyze an enterprise environment and make recommendations for security solutions, plan and scope penetration tests, implement security-related policies, operations, and incidence response procedures, and execute cryptographic techniques, such as blockchain, cryptocurrency, and mobile device encryption. You can also expect to learn how to penetrate networks, exploit host-based vulnerabilities, test applications, and complete post-exploit tasks.

With courses boasting ratings as high as 5 out of 5 stars, this educational bundle can certainly help you safeguard your business’ networks and protect your business in a massive way. Normally $1770, you can grab the Complete 2022 CompTIA Cyber Security and PenTest Super Bundle for only $49.

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