Relationship Guru Derrick Jaxn Files for Divorce After Being Spotted with Mystery Woman

One month after Derrick Jaxn’s wife put a curse on those criticizing her marriage, the relationship guru announced his divorce.

Jaxn took to Instagram on Friday to announce his divorce from Da’Naia Jackson. His post came the same day that blogger Tasha K posted photos showing Jaxn in Miami with a mystery woman.


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Amid the shocking photos, Jaxn decided it was time to let the public know that he and Da’Naia have been separated since earlier this year.

“Over the past several months, my family and I have gone through many changes,” Jaxn captioned his post.

“Some of you have speculated while others of you have reached out to offer support as we privately established this new normal for ourselves and our beautiful children.” Jaxn continued:

“Earlier this year after much prayer, counseling, and deep consideration, we decided to go our separate ways and filed for divorce,” he revealed.

“Making the decision to file was one of the hardest decisions of my life, but I’ve found peace knowing that our mission of raising healthy children, starting with healthy and whole parents is still being accomplished.”


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Jaxn went on to recall his high school love story with Da’Naia, which resulted in marriage and children.

“From falling in love as just teenagers, to becoming spouses and now co-parents, I’m grateful for the years we’ve spent together and wouldn’t trade them for anything,” he shared. “I was blessed to have such an amazing person in my life and will forever be thankful for all she’s meant to our family.”

The self-certified relationship guru ended his post asking for prayers and support as his family adjusts to the changes.

“We ask that if you pray, to please pray for us as we navigate this grieving process. If not, please respect our privacy,” he wrote.

Jaxn’s divorce announcement comes one month after Da’Naia took to social media to post a prayer-filled rant cursing anyone who spoke negatively about her marriage.

“Every person speaking against the names Da’Naia Jackson and Derrick Jaxn in mockery, accusations, slanders, and lies, may the mercies of God be withdrawn from you,” Jackson declared in the video.

“May your husbands and wives become widows. Let your children become fatherless.”

“Let your seed become vagabonds on the earth,” she continued. “Let the words of your mouth and the work of your hands be returned back to you. Let it go down your throat and choke you slowly until your days become few on the earth.”