Remembering Breonna Taylor On Her 28th Birthday

Although it’s been almost a year-and-a-half since Louisville cops tragically murdered Breonna Taylor during a botched drug raid, the people have not forgotten about her. The young woman’s death breathed new life into the Black Lives Matter Movement. Her passing also sparked political and social change, including Kentucky politicians passing legislation that limited no-knock warrants one year after her death.

Breonna would have celebrated her 28th birthday on June 5. Celebrities, politicians, friends and her family reflected on the day with well-wishes and memories.

“It makes me feel good that she’s helping to change the world, and it also makes me feel good that other people are coming to stand in solidarity with us and knowing that at the end of the day, right is right, wrong is wrong,” her close friend, Alena Battle, told People Magazine.  

Her cousin spoke of Breonna’s lasting legacy and the impact her life had on the world.

“I believe her legacy is going to be known for bringing the community together,” says Trina Curry, Taylor’s cousin. “A lot of people are saying her name. Even though she’s no longer here, she’s everywhere. And to me, that just means that she’s around me every day.” 

Public figures, including Beyoncé, former First Lady Michelle Obama, Viola Davis and others, gave their respective tributes to Breonna on her birthday.