Render Atlanta Partners with Polygon, Coinbase, and Alchemy to Host Web 3.0 and NTF Workshops

Render Atlanta Partners with Polygon, Coinbase, and Alchemy to Host Web 3.0 and NTF Workshops

Render Atlanta, the four-day software engineering experience featuring good vibes, great music and expert speakers on tech, leadership, inclusion and accessibility, has partnered with Polygon, Coinbase and Alchemy to host Web 3.0 and NFT workshops at their conference held June 1–4, 2022, in Atlanta, Ga.

The workshops, held on the first day of the conference will feature speakers Shodipo Ayomide, global head of Developer Advocacy at Polygon Technology; Angie Jones, global vice president of Developer Relations for TBD54566975 (TBD); Mike Demarais, co-founder of Rainbow and more.

“Having world-renowned organizations such as Polygon, Coinbase and Alchemy coming to the table set by our team at Render helps signals that organizations are recognizing that including culture is just as an important part to the success of the mission as anything else in their structure,” says Chief Experience Officer and Founder, Justin Samuels.

“By moving forward together we are building a bigger presence to ensure that talent far and wide will feel welcomed by all.”

Additional highly-anticipated speakers include Wellington Anthony Johnson II, Kasey White; Nader Dabit, Austin Griffith, Faith Love Wilks, Camila Ramos Garzon, Isiah Hill, Harold Hughes, Lucas Rosa, Matt Elliott, Iris Nevins, Adrian Kennedy, and Symoné B. “Beez.” To commemorate the partnership, Render Atlanta will be hosting “2/3 Day” where all social channels will celebrate the partnerships, speakers, and future of Web 3.0. Additionally, an in-person panel event will be held in Atlanta, Ga. alongside virtual events on Twitter Spaces and Discord.

The conference, which will be held June 1–4, is anticipated to host 1000 plus tech attendees from
more than 40 different states and multiple countries who will learn more about upcoming and
current best engineering practices, engineering leadership, accessibility practices and more.