Rep. Cori Bush’s Car Struck By Gunfire But She Wasn’t In Vehicle At The Time

Rep. Cori Bush’s Car Struck By Gunfire But She Wasn’t In Vehicle At The Time

The car of Missouri Democratic Rep. Cori Bush was struck by gunfire last Saturday morning in St. Louis. However, Bush was not in the vehicle, CNN reports.

The politician and Black Lives Matter activist released a statement saying no one was harmed in the incident, but gun violence can shake your soul.

“I’m touched by everyone who has reached out. Thankfully no one was harmed,” Bush said Thursday in a statement on Twitter, linking to a local news report on the incident. “But any act of gun violence shakes your soul.

“That’s why our movement is working to invest in our communities, eradicate the root causes of gun violence, and keep everyone safe.”

A spokesperson for Bush told CNN they have no reason to believe Bush was the target of the attack. The location of the incident was not revealed.

Gun violence is impacting states across the country. According to ABC News, there were 1,002 gun-related homicides in Cook County last year, which includes Chicago. That is an increase of 121 gun-related deaths from 2020.

The overwhelming majority of victims in gun-related deaths are minorities. Black people were the victims of 80% of the homicides in Cook County and Hispanic people were the victims in 14% of them.

In New York, Mayor Eric Adams released his plan to end gun violence after two New York Police Department officers, Jason Rivera and Wilbert Mora, were shot and killed responding to a domestic dispute.

Days after the shooting, Shakor Rodriguez was indicted on more than 300 gun charges for smuggling guns from Tennessee to New York City.

The deaths have led President Joe Biden to schedule a visit to the Empire State to discuss “the administration’s comprehensive strategy to combat gun crime, which includes historic levels of funding for cities and states to put more cops on the beat and invest in community violence prevention and intervention programs, as well as stepped-up federal law enforcement efforts against illegal gun traffickers.”

In Baltimore, DaShawn McGrier, 29, a violence interrupter, became the third member of Safe Streets, to be shot and killed in the last year.