Rep. Pamela Stevenson Gives Passionate Viral Speech To Kentucky Leaders Against Anti-Trans Bill

Rep. Pamela Stevenson Gives Passionate Viral Speech To Kentucky Leaders Against Anti-Trans Bill

Leave it to a Black woman to stand up for what’s right.

The rights of people who identify as trans seems is hot topic among conservative politicians. Advocates on the other side, like Rep. Pamela Stevenson (D-KY), are taking a stand to make sure those rights stay in place.

In a speech that has gone viral, Stevenson made a emotional speech against an anti-trans bill circulating the Kentucky House floor. The bill in question is House Bill 470, which according to WKYT, would ban healthcare providers from doing anything to help transitioning children. The bill was passed by a committee and approved by the full House earlier this month.

Stevenson made cries that there are other things to focus on, while calling out politicians who are policing children as well their parents who are giving them the freedom to live how they so please.

“This country is built on parents being responsible for their children. In this bill, are we substituting the opinions of legislators for the right for parents to raise their children?” Stevenson asked. “I’m not even sure how we even got here. As a 27-year military veteran, Ii fought so that all people can have freedoms, not just the ones I like.”

The District 43 representative said God’s descendants are perfect, but with bills such as these, it is like telling God He is wrong. ‘

“And now we’re saying He’s imperfect because we have to fix it. Don’t tell me its about irreparable harm ’cause you’re not doing anything for the children who are hungry….you’re not doing anything of the little Black kids who experience racism everyday. It is not for irreparable harm, its because they’re not like you.”

While the bill takes away healthcare for trans children, supporters of the bill, claim it’s looking out for the long-term mental health of children. Stevenson said that’s simply not true, calling out the hypocrisy as the same officials professed similar rhetoric during the pandemic.

“There is no scientific evidence in existence that shows long-term mental health outcomes will be improved,” Stevenson said. “A couple of months ago, you were saying the government can’t tell me to wear a cloth mask to prevent a global pandemic. Now you’re saying the government can tell a mother and a father what to do with their kid.”