Repairing Your on the Job Mistake in Five Steps

Repairing Your on the Job Mistake in Five Steps

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Human nature is inevitable. We are not perfect and mistakes will be made. Knowing how to successfully bounce back from an on the job mistake can mean the difference between termination and keeping your job. When a mistake is made it may feel like the walls are closing in but instead of wallowing be proactive in your approach.

Brazen Careerist highlights five ways in which an employee can repair and make the most of their blunder.

1. Admit your mistake immediately

When I was just starting out at the law firm I’m with, I sent a motion to be filed without the most important exhibit attached. I didn’t realize this until the next day, when I was filing away our copy of the motion. I had no choice but to tell my boss–certainly the other side would be quick to point out the error as soon as they noticed it. So, I swallowed my pride (and my terror) and ‘fessed up.

My boss was understandably angry at first, but he cooled down quickly and advised me to drive down to the clerk’s office right away and fix the issue. Then he told me something I’ve remembered ever since: “People make mistakes. What matters is that you admit it as soon as you realize it and you do whatever it takes to fix it.”

That’s good advice for business and for life.

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