‘Reparations Club’ Bookshop In LA Features ‘Cozy’ Space With Books By Black Authors

Reparations Club is a queer-Black-woman-owned bookshop that shelves a diverse collection of art books, fiction, nonfiction, and more.

In the heart of Los Angeles stands Reparations Club, a remarkable bookstore owned by Jazzi McGilbert, 35, that predominantly showcases the literary works of Black authors.

As described by Travel Noire, the bookshop exudes a “light-hearted,” “literary,” and family-friendly ambiance “curated by Blackness.” McGilbert’s inspiration for Reparations Club emerged unexpectedly in 2019, following her mother’s passing. “I just wanted a space for us to gather,” she explained. “Books were a really natural entry point for that.”

As a queer-Black-woman-owned business, the shelves intentionally make space for “many, many types of Blackness” and the stories that represent them. Fueled by her profound love for literature and the Black community, the bookshop offers a diverse collection spanning art books, fiction, nonfiction, and everything in between. “We’re a general interest bookstore because Black people have a whole lot of interests,” McGilbert stated. The name “Reparations Club” reflects McGilbert’s belief in the concept of reparations as she welcomes people into the space.

The interior design aims to evoke the welcoming atmosphere of “a very cool friend’s living room,” adorned with textures, artwork, cozy seating, and spaces that foster connection. Visitors have praised Reparations Club for its “cozy” and “pleasing” aesthetic, with the bookshop’s “cozy corner” being a particular favorite, according to Instagram users who commented under a series of photos of the area in 2023. LAist recognized McGilbert’s bookshop in April 2023 for “truly lifting up and holding down” LA’s literary scene.

Beyond its literary offerings, Reparations Club hosts a variety of on-site, off-site, and virtual events, including author talks, community conversations, and special occasions, fostering a vibrant literary culture and sense of community.

Reparations Club’s upcoming events include:

  • Myah Ariel Author Event: A discussion on her contemporary love story, “When I Think of You” – April 17
  • Kleaver Cruz Author Event: A celebration of the collection of images from the “Black Boy Joy Project” – April 19
  • Magnitude and Bond: Dreamweaving, hosted by Black Feminist Future – April 21
  • Celebration of visionary Raquel Willis: The Risk it Takes to Bloom, On Life and Liberation – April 23 (Los Angeles LGBT Center)
  • Pot and Paint with Pot LA – April 27 (Little Pot)