Tim Scott

Republican Sen. Tim Scott Says ‘The View’ Hosts Are ‘Attacking’ Him Again

Tim Scott is a potential vice presidential running mate for Donald Trump in this upcoming election.

Republican Sen. Tim Scott has lodged criticism at the hosts of the talk show “The View” for attacking him for being the only Black Republican senator.

Scott took to X to express his discontent. On May 3, he wrote, “I’m never surprised when the ladies at ‘The View’ go at it again.” He continued, “They’re attacking me for being the only Black Republican in the Senate.” Scott said that “time and time again” the women who sit on the talk show have put down Black Republicans who are attempting to run for Senate.

He speculated that “The View” hosts were afraid of what he called the “Black GOP base.”

“Four out of 10 Black men wanted to vote for the Republican Party, doubling the number of Black women interested in voting for the Republican Party,” he said. “What they’re afraid of is that the monopoly is over. The Republican Party, the GOP, on the move in my community,” he continued. 

“God Bless America.”

Scott, a South Carolina senator, made the statement on X in response to comments made by co-host Sunny Hostin on “The View.” As reported by The Hill, Hostin said on the show that if Scott were picked as former President Trump’s vice president, he would turn away Black voters for Trump in the upcoming election.

Hostin identified Scott as a potential running mate for Trump in this election. A former Trump administration aide and co-host, Alyssa Farah Griffin, pointed out that Democrats have only had a few more Black lawmakers in the Senate than Republicans. 

Hostin added, “If anyone thinks that Tim Scott is going to bring over a bunch of Black men, they need to just get with it because Tim Scott is the only African American senator in the Republican Party for a reason.”

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