A Loss for Democrats: Republicans Seize Senate, Retain House

A Loss for Democrats: Republicans Seize Senate, Retain House

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The Republican Party now has full control of Congress.

A GOP wave crashed into the senate November 4th washing away the senate democratic majority.

Republicans seized Senate seats in Iowa, North Carolina, Colorado, Arkansas, South Dakota, Montana and West Virginia, marking the first time the Republicans have been in full control of both arms of Congress in more than eight years.

South Carolina’s Tim Scott became the first African-American senator to win election in the South since Reconstruction

Mitch McConnell, is expected to become the next Senate majority leader, while it is Nevada Senator Harry Reid’s turn to lead from behind.

It makes President Obama’s last two years in the White House very tricky for the Dems who will most likely have to resort to filibusters to attempt to keep the GOP in check and try to save the President’s legacy.

The GOP also locked down 246 seats in the House. That’s their largest majority since World War II. And is poised to make additional gains in state legislatures across the country.

President Obama is expected to put a statement out Wednesday and will host bipartisan leaders on Friday to try to navigate the way forward.

It’s a resounding and stinging defeat for the Democrats who just six years ago used their Senate majority to reform health care and Wall Street and pass a huge stimulus package. Now the the GOP currently has 52 seats in the Senate.

To complicate matters even further, Maryland— a traditionally Democratic state—elected Republican Larry Hogan as governor foiling Lt. Governor Anthony Brown’s bid to become the State’s first elected black governor. And Illinois, Obama’s home state, also ousted its Democratic governor.

Republicans can now focus their energy on the 2016 presidential election with renewed optimism.