G.O.P. Goes After Women’s Abortion Access, Again

G.O.P. Goes After Women’s Abortion Access, Again

The GOP has forgotten all about its plans to broaden the party’s support base among women.

On Tuesday, House Republicans will bring to the floor a law prohibiting abortions after 22 weeks of pregnancy, the New York Times reports.

It would be the most restrictive abortion bill to come to a vote in a decade. Make no mistake about it — the House bill could never become law while Democrats control the Senate and the White House. But GOP officials seem unconcerned with doing further damage to the party’s standing with women.

Not all House Republicans think this vote is a good idea:

“I think it’s a stupid idea to bring this up,” Republican Congressman Charlie Dent of Pennsylvania told the Times. “The economy is on everybody’s minds. We’re seeing stagnant job numbers. Confidence in the institution, in government, is eroding. And now we’re going to have a debate on rape and abortion.”