Resources for E-Business Templates

Q: I have been considering starting a virtual business to provide technical services or possibly an online retail Website. Where can I find resources that provide e-business templates for Websites to include database back-ends?
— P. Nesby, Woodbridge, VA

A: I found an interesting resource that may provide the e-business templates you are looking for. Check out Ecommerce Templates (www.ecommerce, an online service that offers templates for creating powerful, low-cost e-shopping carts. Template prices range from $105 to $165. Their solutions are integrated into three popular HTML editors: Macromedia Dreamweaver, Microsoft Frontpage, and Adobe GoLive.

Another resource worth considering is osCommerce (www.theoscommerces, an online shop that offers out-of-the-box e-commerce solutions.

Before choosing your template solution, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you need to have a working knowledge of an HTML editor to take full advantage of pre-packaged templates or creating your own. Basically, you should be able to download templates, edit them in your Web editor, and upload the finished templates to your server. Also, choose a solid vendor that has 24-hour support. And finally, be sure that the software is flexible enough to add extra features that your customers may demand.