Pinky Cole

Restaurant Mogul Pinky Cole Joins Baltimore Peninsula For $5 Billion Development Project

Pinky Cole, the restaurant mogul behind Slutty Vegan, is joining the Baltimore Peninsula development team as part of the city’s ongoing mission to revitalize the area.

Per a news release shared with BLACK ENTERPRISE, the entrepreneur detailed her upcoming plans. 

Cole signed on as a development partner in Rye Street Market for Q4 2024. She has tapped Principal and CEO of Sagamore Ventures Kevin Plank to help her breathe life back into Charm City’s dining scene. Though Slutty Vegan was established in Atlanta and now has multiple locations across the country, Cole was born and raised in Baltimore.

“My story began here in Baltimore, the streets of East Baltimore to be exact. This is my homecoming, and I could not be more excited to collaborate with Kevin Plank,” Cole said. “Kevin is a local entrepreneur whom I admire personally and professionally, and by partnering with him on Baltimore Peninsula, I get to show the world how coming from humble beginnings can lead to million-dollar dreams turned into reality. This collaboration, brought to life by the incredible KD McNair from my management team, marks a new chapter in my journey as an entrepreneur. I am looking forward to finally establishing my brands of Slutty Vegan and Bar Vegan in the city that raised me!”

Plank expressed his own excitement for the upcoming venture.

“Baltimore is my home, and Pinky shares my love for this city. For decades, I have invested in this City’s future, first by locating Under Armour’s global headquarters here, then with Baltimore Peninsula and now we’re bringing globally recognized influencers and entrepreneurs to help us share our story.”

He continued, “Pinky is an incredibly successful restaurateur and philanthropist, and it’s an honor to welcome her back to her hometown. Her innovative concepts have taken over the nation, and I can’t wait to see them thrive right here at the Baltimore Peninsula.”

This task, which will bring Cole’s Slutty Vegan restaurant and its sister business, Bar Vegan, to the waterfront destination, is expected to generate over 100 new jobs in the Baltimore region in partnership with the Mayor’s Office of Employment Development, and produce an economic boom for the real estate developer.

Pinky Cole
Source: Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott and Aisha “Pinky” Cole (photo credit: Matt Ryb)

MAG Partners and MacFarlane Partners lead Baltimore’s 235-acre redevelopment project. The space currently holds an outdoor sports venue in partnership with Volo Sports and a ROOST Apartment Hotel. Still, there are further plans to build office, retail, and residential space. For more information on the Baltimore Peninsula and what visitors can expect in 2024, visit