Your Résumé Sucks: 4 Ways to Get Your Résumé Noticed

Your Résumé Sucks: 4 Ways to Get Your Résumé Noticed


Writing a résumé is one the most daunting, yet imperative tasks you will complete at some point in your life. It’s challenging trying to capture our greatness to a potential employer into a 2-3 page document. And it may not convey the whole story of the qualifications, experiences, skills, and personal/professional development that we possess. Nevertheless, it is a requirement that you cannot avoid!

4 Tips on Getting Your Résumé Noticed


Have a Killer Objective

I often see résumés that say, “To have a productive career as a business professional.” What does that mean? This is normally the place where decision makers will decide whether or not they will even proceed with reading the remainder of your résumé so it has to be captivating. Now check out an objective that states, “To obtain and maintain a productive career in the business field as a corporate strategist, with the sole purpose of developing impactful systems to propel the financial aspect of your organization.” Do you see the difference and why a potential employer will either say “next please” or “let me read more?”

Clearly Define Your Qualifications

More often than not, people will list the following as qualifications: hard-working, dependable, team player, knowledgeable, and punctual. Once again, what does that mean? Now look at these qualifications: strategic thinking and execution, technical and technology skills, team and relationship building, effective communication, and change management; goal-oriented driven professional with exemplary work ethic and leadership qualities. Do you see the big difference here? I am clearly stating what value I am going to bring to the organization.

Clearly State Job Descriptions

Many times, when listing previous work history, a 20-30 word description of the role is given that barely even highlights the amazing skills and value you brought to that organization in that role. So while not writing a whole book, be a little more descriptive in what your role or responsibilities were. 

Be Aesthetically Appealing

This one is huge. If it doesn’t look professional and polished then nine times out of 10 it won’t even get looked at. Be sure the fonts are consistent and basic (no nice, pretty curvy/elegant fonts that are hard to read… good ole Times Roman is PERFECT). Font size should be consistent throughout and generally set at 12 pt.; have properly aligned margins. And while I know your favorite color may be pink, purple, green, etc., please only use black ink. Remember, we are professionals and want to present ourselves as such.

This article was written by The BOSS Network Influencer, Nicole Thomas

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