Get Into This: Out-of-the-Box Resumes and When to Use Them

Get Into This: Out-of-the-Box Resumes and When to Use Them

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There’s always lots of talk about how you can make yourself stand out as a job seeker. From colored paper to digi-resumes, the tricks of the resume trade are numerous. Well, on the Today show, they added one more: a 60-second Vine video. Using the free phone app, you can film a short clip detailing why you’re best for the job and send it in with your cover letter and application. As the experts on the show said, it’s not a sure-fire guarantee you’ll get hired, but it might give you that extra push to the top of the pile and maybe keep your resume that much further from the trash bin.

The guests on the show also talked about resume wins and faux pas, after viewers tweeted what they’d done in the past to stand out. One guy sent in a shoebox with a sign on it that reference getting his “foot in the door” while another woman sprayed her resume with perfume, something that was seen as not such a great idea.

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The key, common theme was going above and beyond to show why you’re the best for the job rather than just telling. Oftentimes, recruiters, entrepreneurs and managers simply want to get a sense of the you that exists beyond ink on a piece of paper.

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