Rev. Al Sharpton Calls Florida Governor ‘Baby Trump’ During Protest of State Rejecting AP African American Course

Rev. Al Sharpton Calls Florida Governor ‘Baby Trump’ During Protest of State Rejecting AP African American Course

Black Americans across the country are stunned by Governor Ron DeSantis’ (R-FL) bold move to eliminate AP African-American study courses. However, during Black History Month, he should be prepared for a fight.

On Wednesday, CNN reported Rev. Al Sharpton and other civil rights activists held a protest in front of Florida’s state capitol building in Tallahassee.

The button for protest was pushed as DeSantis’ administration claimed the course “lacks educational value” and violates state law. Starting at Bethel Missionary Baptist Church, the march hosted hundreds of diverse citizens who opposed DeSantis’ decision.

“If you would have studied history long enough, you would have known to mess with us in education always ends in your defeat,” Sharpton said.

DeSantis’ plan doesn’t just stop with African American studies.

According to The Tallahassee Democrat, DeSantis plans on cutting all college diversity programs, keeping his migrant relocation program going, as well as pursuing policies that are viewed as harmful to the LGBTQ community.

During his speech, Sharpton alluded to the beauty of diversity seen at the rally.

“Make note that we are all marching together,” Sharpton shouted to a crowd consisting of LGBTQ, Native American, and Latinx community members.

“You should have left us alone. Now you have brought us all together.”

Sharpton has never been shy about calling out racist tones of our country’s elected officials, including DeSantis. On an episode of MSNBC’s The Reid Out, he called the governor “Baby Trump.”

“Give him a pacifier and let some grown folk run the state of Florida,” Sharpton said.

Some community leaders used this time to call the governor’s bluff.

Bishop Rudolph McKissick, from Jacksonville, added Florida’s thriving athletic programs into the mix. “If you don’t want our story, you shouldn’t get our students,” McKissick said. “I wonder what would happen if every D1 athlete went into the transfer portal and found a school that wants their story.”

Former educators and community members, who the issue resonated with, felt it was necessary to attend the rally. Former teacher, Shaia Simmons, called the state’s rejection of the new course a “gross injustice,” while Martha Cummings, who’s family is interracial, just wants her daughter to be heard.

In response to the outcry and backlash, The Tallahassee Democrat said DeSantis threatened to drop all AP classes in Florida.