Jesse Jackson, Jeremy Wright

We Love This Endearing Moment Between 2 Elder Icons— And So Will You

The two legends joined together in song during their reunion.

According to a recent social media post, Revs. Jeremiah Wright and Jesse Jackson caught up on Feb. 22. Tracy Ross captured the heartfelt moment and shared the video with her 5,000 Instagram followers.

“Dr. Jeremiah Wright said, ‘Come put your hand on my shoulder, and let’s sing a song,’” Ross captioned the post.

“He started singing the Delta Sigma Theta Sweetheart song. Rev. Jesse Jackson joined sister and friend Dr. Lynn Brinkley caught this amazing moment ♥️💜.” 

The video, which garnered over 24,000 likes, shows the two legends bound by hand as they sing along to the classic hymn.

Wright and Jackson, both 83, have become central figures in American history due to their active leadership and staunch commitment during the Civil Rights Movement. They have long led national conversations regarding democratic principles and race relations in the United States. 

In July 2023, Jackson announced that he would be stepping down from his long-held position as president and CEO of the Chicago-based civil rights organization Rainbow PUSH Coalition. Last month, he formally exited the role and was succeeded by Rev. Frederick D. Haynes III. 

“Rainbow PUSH has been the organizational vehicle that he has driven in the movement for justice,” said Haynes. “I am honored and humbled that he has ‘tapped’ me to serve as his successor as the President and CEO of this great organization,” the Dallas pastor continued.  

Still, though their respective careers have adopted a less rigorous pace, both men remain pivotal voices, even today. Just recently, Wright attended Oikos Institute for Social Impact’s national convention, where he was given the Lifetime Impact Achievement Award.

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