RHOP Star Candiace Dillard Bassett Is Being Sued By Castmate’s Husband for Defamation

These housewives have been at odds since the beginning.

Real Housewives of Potomac star Candiace Dillard-Bassett is headed to court after being sued by her co-star Ashley Darby‘s husband, Michael Darby, for defamation, alleging that he offered money to have sexual relations with another man.

According to TMZ, legal documents state that Michael, 63, is suing Dillard-Bassett, 36, over her comments on the reality show during a confrontation with Ashley, 34.

“Your husband likes to leave you and go to a man named [censored]’s house,” Dillard-Bassett told Ashley on an episode of the show’s latest season, claiming Michael was paying for sexual relations with the unnamed individual.

Reportedly, Michael sent Dillard-Bassett a cease and desist letter earlier this year over the allegations, and he is asking for $2 million in damages to settle the issue.

People reported that Dillard-Bassett “was not supposed to talk about this person, but he says Michael Darby is his client. That’s what you’re asking, cuz I was holding on to that,” she stated in the episode, according to the suit.

“In making this statement, [Dillard-Bassett] initially hesitated and looked off-camera, indicating that what she was about to say was salacious and imprudent, but she nonetheless proceeded to intentionally utter the defamatory statement,” Darby’s lawyer stated in the document.

Dillard-Bassett and her husband, Chris Bassett, have had a history of conflict with Ashley and Michael, who announced their separation in April 2022 after being married for eight years. In 2020, the husbands got into a physical altercation during RHOP star Robyn Dixon‘s holiday party.

‘There have been a lot of things said about my husband, and he has defended himself, and some people have viewed that to be disrespectful — and yet, it’s OK to drag his name through the mud. That’s not OK,” Ashley said at the time.

“You and my wife have gone back and forth for many years, and I’ve never gotten involved. If I had an issue [with Michael] … I would have gone to him at a separate time,” Chris responded to Ashley’s comment.