Stranger Things at Rick Ross’ Home on the Range Where His Buffaloes Are Roaming in Neighbor’s Yard

“Oh, give me a home where the buffaloes roam….” is not something neighbors of Rick Ross are singing.

According to TMZ, there are buffaloes roaming around—and away from—the hip-hop titan’s property and the neighbors are not exactly happy. In fact, one neighbor is frightened the massive buffaloes, which average 2,000 pounds, will harm one of their small children if they continue to roam in her yard.

The neighbor lives on a plot of land behind Ross’ property in Fayetteville, Georgia. TMZ obtained several photos and videos showing the buffaloes roaming freely on her property. They were recorded in her front yard after she returned home to witness the animals just walking freely on her property. The neighbor also took pictures of the buffaloes grazing on her property near a driveway full of parked cars.

She reportedly went to confront the rapper about the dangers of his buffaloes crossing into her property. Instead of getting the opportunity to speak to the rapper, she spoke to someone on this team and it became a verbal dispute. Nothing was resolved and she feels that the next step would be filing a neighbor dispute with the city.

When she tried calling the police,, she was told it was a civil dispute and nobody took a report.

 Rolling Stone reported that Ross was gifted the buffaloes last March from Darius Burton, his partner in the Ethika clothing line. Apparently, the animals came after Burton had a conversation with Ross at his January 2022 birthday party.

Burton said at the time, “I wanted to get him a giraffe, but he wasn’t ready for that commitment so he said, ‘Let’s start smaller, like a cow.’ I said, ‘Nah, everyone has cows, I want you to have something nobody in your state has, I’m getting you a buffalo.’”