Rihanna Stops for ‘Genuine’ Conversation With Fan Inside Los Angeles Supermarket

One lucky Rihanna fan is making tons of other fans jealous after bumping into the pop star at a supermarket and getting a “genuine” conversation out of her.

Stacey Roimen went viral this week after she ended up meeting Rihanna at a local supermarket. The Kenyan content creator currently resides in Los Angeles where the chance to meet an A-list celebrity is pretty common.

Roimen ended up having the experience of a lifetime when she went to pick up some groceries and ended up having a little chit-chat with the Bajan beauty mogul and international superstar.

“My God I don’t even know where to start… I met RIHANNA today,” Roimen captioned the Instagram post. “I had such a genuine long conversation with her; I almost forgot to take a photo.”

“I can’t wait to interview you @badgalriri one of these days. Our convo & your kindness lives rent free in my mind FOREVER EVER thank you for being so down to earth ily.”

Video clips showed Rihanna teasing how they met at the supermarket and her plans to bring her Fenty Beauty empire to Roimen’s hometown of Kenya. After learning of the surprising encounter, many fans praised Rihanna for being so “genuine” to their fellow fan.

“That’s what up. A real superstar who’s not afraid to show she’s human and real. Love me some Rihanna,” one user wrote.

“I could not possibly admire her more than I do… Queen… she recognized that in you too… beauties!,” added someone else.

Others expressed their jealousy of Roimen being lucky enough to meet Rihanna in such a common place.

“imagine going to walmart for some toilet paper and just seeing rihanna,” one user wrote.

“she was over it in the last pic lol like girl let her go grab her groceries,” another user observed.