Rihanna Salutes Barbados Hometown in New Super Bowl Trailer

Rihanna just might run this town after she performs at the Super Bowl this Sunday.

The Barbadian singer and Apple Music released a new trailer on Thursday, just days ahead of this year’s Super Bowl LVII, honoring the halftime performer’s Barbados hometown.

In the video, released across multiple social media platforms, viewers are met with the technique of a Barbados mother slicking down the edges of a Black girl’s hair, before the powerhouse vocals of the Grammy-winning artist come in, singing the opening line to her hit song “Run This Town.”

A school bus drops a young girl off in front of her home, where she sneaks up behind her mother and snatches her sunglasses off of her head. “Run This Town” amplifies as the young girl places her mother’s shades on her face and goes about a fierce strut down the Barbados streets.

Embracing nods of respect from her neighbors, the young girl is accompanied by two neighborhood friends that join her strut until they reach a street, focusing their sights on a sign that reads “Rihanna Drive.”


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According to CNN, Rihanna has been immersed in the preparations for her halftime performance.

“I’ve been so focused on the Super Bowl that I totally forgot that my birthday is coming up,” she said. “I totally forgot about Valentine’s Day, I’m just like Super Bowl, Super Bowl, Super Bowl. It’s a lot of preparation. It’s a lot of moving parts and this week, this is the week that it is really being tested.”

As previously reported by BLACK ENTERPRISE, Rihanna is scheduled to headline the Apple Music Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show on Feb. 12, at the State Farm Stadium in Glendale, AZ. After releasing teasers, fashion collections, and news heading up to the big event, she prepares to touch the live stage on Sunday after her hiatus in music.