RN & Cancer Survivor Goes From Making $30K a Year to $30K a Month Selling Healthy Hair Products
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RN & Cancer Survivor Goes From Making $30K a Year to $30K a Month Selling Healthy Hair Products

Tee's Hair Secret
(Image: Tee's Hair Secret)

Tanieka Vance Randall is a registered nurse, bestselling author, international speaker, and the creator/CEO of the revolutionary natural hair care line, Tee’s Hair Secret. She’s always had a passion for helping others, which led her to pursue a nursing career.

In 2011, two weeks away from finishing nursing school, she faced her greatest battle: cancer. During the recovery process she went from having a head full of gorgeous hair to being completely bald and feeling depressed. Although her recovery was an uphill climb, the blessing she gained was a profound passion for growing healthy hair and helping other ladies do the same.

After regrowing her hair, Vance Randall created Tee’s Hair Secret in 2014.

Please tell us about your journey to starting your hair product line.

I’ve have always loved experimenting with butters and different oils for my hair. In 2010, I got serious about maintaining my natural hair and not relaxing it again. A year later, when I was diagnosed with cancer, I already had created a hair oil blend. I tweaked the blend and continued to use it even as my hair fell out from chemo. Yes, I continued with it even with tears flowing down my face. I KEPT GOING!

I found myself sharing hair tips and my oil blend with family and friends over the years as my hair grew longer and thicker than it had ever been in my adult life. In 2014, after mixing up body scrubs and soaps I posted them online to show Facebook friends and people asked if I was selling them. Of course I said yes, even though that wasn’t the plan. People quickly asked me to create hair products so I taught myself how to formulate conditioner and I introduced my hair oil, which is now our best-selling product, Glorious Growth Hair and Scalp Oil.

Tee's Hair Secret
(Image: Tee’s Hair Secret)

We now have a full line of hair products that are catered to growing and maintaining healthy hair. As a RN, I also strive to not only provide great products but to educate others on how taking care of ourselves on the inside is a direct reflection of our hair and overall body on the outside.

What has kept you grounded during this pandemic?

Number 1: my faith. Next would be knowing that I can’t sit around and wait for someone to save me. I’ve always been independent and a person to figure out how to make something out of nothing. I calm myself and when negative thoughts pop up I acknowledge them and redirect my thoughts by vocally stating a positive thought and figuring out a solution. If I need help to get the solution, I will seek help when necessary.

What advice would you give to the struggling entrepreneur? 

Seek help when needed. This may mean investing in help from others and also offering others help when they need it. All investments are not about money. It can be investing in a network and taking time to read through resources. We all are valuable in different ways but sometimes don’t realize it. Tap into your value. If you are struggling, you may have to switch something up. Learn to pivot and don’t sit in it!

How do you handle setbacks? 

I’ve learned that there are no mistakes in this life and everything happens for a reason. I sit and think about what the setback is trying to teach me and respond accordingly. I don’t allow myself to sit and complain. I may get down for a minute but I quickly look for a solution.

For instance, if sales are lower than I expected I look at what I did and what I could have done better. I also look at what else I need to do. Last year we made around $30K for the year. I remember having a moment, but at the end of the day I was honest with myself and knew that I didn’t put in the effort for more AND we were not in a position to handle a higher level of sales at that time—and the results showed. This year after mental shifts, website updates, INVESTING in myself, and getting the proper help, we have grown to that amount ($30,000 plus) on average monthly in the middle of a pandemic.

What is next for Tee’s Hair Secret?

We have a lot in store. I’m happy that I was finally able to quit my job as an oncologist nurse and become fully self-employed. We are now focused on building a solid team and purchasing a nice-sized warehouse to scale our growing business. I’m looking forward to more speaking opportunities and hosting another virtual class to teach others about hair and health soon.


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