George Zimmerman's Brother Tweets that Blacks are 'Risky'
Black Enterprise Magazine September/October 2018 Issue

be newsIf he’s trying to help his younger brother’s court case, Robert Zimmerman Jr., isn’t doing such a great job.

On Saturday, Robert Zimmerman Jr. ranted on Twitter about how violent “black teens,” are, and compared Trayvon Martin (the unarmed 17-year-old his brother, George Zimmerman, killed) with De’Marquise Elkins, one of the 17-year-old suspects in the murder of a Georgia infant.

Zimmerman tweeted: “Lib media shld ask if what these2 black teens did 2 a woman&baby is the reason ppl think blacks mightB risky.”

Zimmerman also tweeted a photo comparison between Elkins and Martin flipping their middle fingers with the caption, “A picture speaks a thousand words…Any questions?”

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Makkada B. Selah is a journalist based in New York City.