Actor Romeo Miller Shades Dad: Says He ‘Stayed Loyal,’ Promoted Rap Snacks for Free for 15 Years

Actor Romeo Miller Shades Dad: Says He ‘Stayed Loyal,’ Promoted Rap Snacks for Free for 15 Years

Romeo Miller is not taking his foot off Master P’s neck amid his social media war with his hip-hop mogul father.

The Growing Up Hip Hop star followed up his series of shady posts about his father by revealing he recently received his “first” payment for Rap Snacks after allegedly promoting the company “for free” for the last 15 years.

On Monday, Romeo, 33, shared a since-deleted post praising the Rap Snacks executives who reached out to him directly to ensure he received his rightful payment for the company many thought he owned alongside his dad.

“I would like to thank James and Taylor of Rap Snacks for seeking the truth and doing proper business,” Romeo wrote in the lengthy note, captured by The Shade Room.

“This year I will get my first Rap Snacks check and finally start receiving my earnings from my bags,” he added before taking a subliminal jab at Master P.


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“I was told as a kid that we owned Rap Snacks, and that my payday would come after we put in work and sold the company, silly me!”

Romeo continued shedding light on the business behind the Rap Snacks he only just received direct payment for.

“I promoted a company for free for 15+ years based on the word of my pops, without being allowed to see any contracts or even meet with the team, and I stayed loyal…but I’m entitled and ungrateful now?” he shared.

He went on to explain that he decided to share the payment information after feeling like his father tried to “gaslight” the public in wake of Romeo speaking out against his dad.

“Only addressing this here because my father is trying to gaslight and break me instead of taking accountability of his mistakes/greed, and this is just the tip of the iceberg,” he wrote.

The “Could This Be Love” actor also denied any belief that he’s only upset with Master P over financial disagreements.

“My stand isn’t about money, it’s the perception of money,” he added.

“My father knows that I’ve made the most earnings over the past 10 yrs and play my part quietly as always so he could shine. In time the truth will prevail and I believe when my father truly leans on only God and not image and money, he will be the richest man in the world if that’s what his heart desires.”

Romeo ended by letting the public know he has tried to work out his differences with his father privately, to no avail.

“I’ve reached out behind closed doors and got burnt repeatedly. He’s an adult and has to do the honest work as well,” Romeo said. “Like I told him, I have to love from a distance until then. I have a family now too, and it’s critical I protect my peace. No more suffering in silence. The rise of the Phoenix.”