Royal College of Art Announces Full-Tuition Virgil Abloh Scholarship for Low-Income Black British Students

Initiatives for students in the arts are often crucial to their success.

A low-income Black British student currently enrolled in the Royal College of Arts School of Design is being scouted to receive a full-tuition scholarship totaling £35,000 ($39,865), according to The Architect’s Newspaper. The scholarship is being awarded in honor of the late American fashion designer, artist, architect, and creative director Virgil Abloh who is recognized for his clothing venture Off-White and studio Alaska Alaska.

“Virgil Abloh’s drive has always been linked to bettering others, bettering society, and communicating an optimistic future with grace, a radical spirit and intellectual prowess that operates on a diagonal, through all facets of society,” Dr. Samuel Ross, founder of the fashion label A-COLD-WALL* and Abloh’s mentee and first design assistant, stated in a press release.

“Without a doubt this philosophy will be expanded upon and continue to shift the behavior of the creative industry & physical spaces, whilst bettering key communities Virgil dedicated much of his time to supporting,” he added.

The Architect’s Newspaper reported that the RCA Virgil Abloh Scholarship, established in collaboration with the designer’s widow Shannon Abloh serves a larger initiative as RCA works to provide more scholarships for low-income students. The scholarship will cover full tuition and fees, applicable to all areas of postgraduate studies including Fashion, Textiles, Design Products, Service Design, and Intelligent Mobility.

“Over the years, the RCA and Virgil formed a beautiful relationship based on a shared appreciation of collaboration, creative vision, and of course, education,” Abloh’s wife said regarding his ties to the institution.

“We know that the RCA Virgil Abloh Scholarship will break down financial barriers to fulfilling creative potential and empower talented young individuals to dream even bigger.”

Other collaborators on the scholarship include the Fashion Scholarship Fund and the contribution of an anonymous donor.

A portion will be allocated to the Samuel Ross Black British Artist Grant Programme. Samuel Ross Associates will collaborate with the college to scout and sponsor talent from underrepresented Black British communities in the arts.