Run It! Daz Dillinger Claims ‘He Ran Up On’ Suge Knight For $2.5 Million Backpay

People’s experience on shrooms varies, though it’s doubtful that anyone has had one like Daz Dillinger, who strong-armed a notorious rap honcho and walked away with $2.5 million.

The West Coast rapper claims Suge Knight paid him $2.5 million back in the ’90s—while he was on shrooms. According to TMZ , Dillinger said he wasn’t paid for working on the 1996 film, Sunset Park. Along with late singer, Nate Dogg, they worked on the song , “Just Doggin,” which appeared on the soundtrack.

A week after payment wasn’t received, Dillinger claims he ran up in the Death Row Records office with fellow artists, Kurupt and Lil Malik Hershey Loc, and “hemmed everyone” up until Knight arrived.

The three of them had taken the hallucinogenic drug before ‘bum-rushing’ the office. “I had to go in there and strong-arm Suge and them to get the money,” he said. The 49-year-old says he finally got his payment once the Death Row founder saw the determination in his eyes. Plus he came equipped with what he describes as “one of those big, long Diesel screwdrivers.”

The moment got very intense almost instantly. “We went up there to get that money and they was playing with the money. … Suge walked into the office and the way his eyes were looking, he was gon’ do something to me,” Dillinger said, according to Complex.  “So he put his arm around me and I put my arms around him, like this and said, ‘I’m gonna stick you.’ He’s like, ‘Hold on, Daz. Let’s go in the office.”

He said after that, he walked away a paid man.

The legacy of Death Row Records has always been controversial. However, Snoop Dogg recently acquired the label and released the music on several streaming platforms. He also added Death Row Records to the popular social media app, TikTok.