Rush Limbaugh: Obama ‘Doesn’t Have Slave Blood’

Rush Limbaugh: Obama ‘Doesn’t Have Slave Blood’

From the Root.

Conservative right-wing commentator Rush Limbaugh critiqued First Lady Michelle Obama‘s Democratic National Convention address, drawing up some rather sensational comments about the president. On his radio show, Limbaugh expressed his aversion with the first lady’s anecdotal tales of the president’s hand-me-down coffee tables and shoes one size too small.

“Obama did not grow up in poverty,” Limbaugh said. “His grandmother, the typical white woman, worked in a bank. Don’t give me this ‘down with the struggle’ business. He wasn’t down. In 2008, the Democrats were wringing their hands because he wasn’t authentically black … He wasn’t down with the struggle. He doesn’t have slave blood.”

Limbaugh is no stranger to controversy, having built his media persona as a contentious critic of the Democratic Party. More recently, he called Hurricane Isaac a conspiracy by President Barack Obama.

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