Ryan Clark Defends Jonathan Owens On Being ‘The Catch’ In Relationship with Simone Biles

Ryan Clark Defends Jonathan Owens On Being ‘The Catch’ In Relationship with Simone Biles

Ryan Clark defends Jonathan Owens who comments on how he Simone Biles social media did not take lightly.

Ryan Clark, host of the Pivot Podcast, defended NFL player Jonathan Owens, the husband of all-world gymnast Simone Biles, after a Dec. 20 interview where Owens made seemingly controversial remarks to Clark about his relationship with Biles.

Owens shared details with Clark about how he met Biles, their relationship, and his perspective on being in a high-profile partnership. The first part is what got people up in arms. Owens said that he didn’t know who Biles was when they were paired on a dating app, and that she made the first move.

The comment that got people in a tizzy was Owens saying that he was the catch, which was a response to Clark’s jokey observation. “I always say the man is the catch,” said Owens.

While Owens’ comments may have raised eyebrows online, it’s worth noting that Biles, who was present during the podcast recording, did not show any signs of discomfort or disagreement.

In response to the criticism, Clark recorded a video to address the situation, urging people to reconsider the negative interpretation of Owens’ comments. Clark emphasized that Owens and Biles are happily married and deeply in love, suggesting that the public reaction was blown out of proportion.

“He was telling the story about how he met his wife Simone on our show,” Clark said. “And she was also there. He told the story with so much love in their eyes and every time they looked at one another, you can tell how beautiful it was to them

He continued: “Instead of being happy for two people who are excited to be together, two people who support one another wholeheartedly, we’ve now decided to pick apart one clip instead of learning the whole story. So, the moral of the story is this: If Simone Biles is happy, why aren’t you?”

For what it’s worth, Biles and Owens, who married in May 2023 and got engaged in 2022, have addressed the situation and seem unfazed by the social media tumult.

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