Sabrina Peterson Presents “GirlPower SleepOver” to Empower Women Entrepreneurs

Sabrina Peterson is a personal development mentor, fearless entrepreneur, and the owner of one of the most successful brands to hit the nation: The GlamBar. With a natural ability to coach individuals to their highest potential she created, GlamUniversity Business Bootcamp. GlamUniversity has ultimately coached numerous entrepreneurs into creating a successful brand and business by thinking outside the box and creating their own lane.

GlamUniversity presents the first ever “GirlPower SleepOver.” Presented in a business bootcamp format, attendees will attend a sleepover with 25 extremely successful business women covering a multitude of industries.  The curated industry experts will provide their secrets and insight in an intimate setting allowing attendees to receive personalized insider advice.  The “GirlPower SleepOver” will take place at the all-new Aloft Hotel located in Midtown Atlanta on January 24, 2015, and will conclude on January 25, 2015 at noon.

On what inspired GlamUniversity

“I have gained millions of dollars in business and I have lost millions of dollars in business,” Peterson says. “A lot of my losses were simple mistakes and not knowing and trial and error. I didn’t have anyone that looked like me and talked like me that I could truly understand. I have a knack for explaining big business to the point that a toddler could understand it. So that was my motivation behind it. I wanted to simplify what people have made to seem so stuffy, hard to reach, hard to understand.”

On what inspired the GirlPower SleepOver:

“The GirlPower SleepOver was a vision I had 5 years ago when I first got into business. I wanted to do a conference for women because I had so many powerful women friends.  I would attend conferences and the panelist would give very general information like “just stay focused” etc.  I wanted to know who gave them the million, what’s your cell phone number, and what did you tell them to get the million. The sleep over takes all the fluff out.”

Peterson’s powerful network includes women such as: Erica Dotson who owns luxe hair brand Indique Hair, to Ebonie Ward, founder of FlyChix, Nicole Garner of The Garner Circle and more.

“What we talk about on the couch one on one, and the information I am able to gain from them in private settings is valuable. Young ladies who may live in small towns might not have the same resources afforded to them. This was my opportunity to open up my network of women  that own businesses, that are powerful, that are innovative, very knowledgeable, and have stumbled and failed and gotten back up. They know the small nooks and crannies, the smaller pieces of information that you just don’t get, or can’t get in a huge panel situation” said Peterson. The sleepover gives attendees access to 25 powerful women in all genres of business in an intimate setting, allowing attendees to ask candid questions one on one.

On what attendees can expect to gain from the GirlPower SleepOver:

Attendees can expect to walk away with an abundance of knowledge, an amazing experience, and everything they need from A to Z. “When you walk away from Glam University, you are going to know what you need from I have this thought in my head, to I want to take this thought and franchise it and take it public.  So you will have a good strong basis.  So after that, I don’t just give them a boot camp and class, I hold their hand for 6 months via coaching calls.  We do once-a-month coaching calls, and monthly girl power calls” said Peterson.

On advice to aspiring women entrepreneurs:

“Don’t loose momentum, that is the key.” “And in order to be great at something, you must be an expert in it. Read as many books as you can on your craft. You can’t be the greatest if you don’t know the history of your craft.” “Make sure that what ever you are doing, and what ever your goal and vision are that you are filling a void. Also, make sure you are not jumping into a “me too lane” and that you are able to put your special spin on it.”

For more information regarding Glam University’s “GirlPower Sleep Over” or to purchase tickets visit or follow the conversation on Twitter/ Instagram @TheGlamUniversity #GirlPowerSleepOver.

You can register for the April 25 GlamUniversity at Glam University also now builds mobile Apps for businesses, with apps that start at $249.

Chanel Martin (@ChanelEbone) is a co-founder and COO of Techturized (@Techturized) Inc.  She is also a wife, new mom, and lover of all things hair! She works full time on her company Techturized. Techturized’s first product, Myavana (@Myavanahair), provides personal hair care resources for female consumers around the world.