Safeguard Your Child’s Mobile Activity With This Cell Phone Monitoring Program

Safeguard Your Child’s Mobile Activity With This Cell Phone Monitoring Program

If you’re a parent, there are more than enough things that warrant worry as you try to keep your children and their belongings safe. With nearly everyone having access to mobile phones, it’s a practice that has only become more challenging. Cell phones are no longer just a luxury, they’ve almost become a necessity as much of our lives revolve around them and the features that accompany them. Some schools have required them as a platform for learning-based apps, and they’re a convenient device that allows you to remain in touch with your children when you’re not physically around them.

Unfortunately, they can also invite unwanted dangers if they’re not properly protected and monitored.  Enlist the help of Highster Mobile Cell Phone Monitoring to help you in your efforts to keep your children safe and guarded when using their mobile devices. A lifetime subscription to this highly secure software is available for the low price of $69.99. That’s a savings of 30% from its MSRP ($99).

With Highster Mobile Cell Phone Monitoring, you can remotely track virtually anything on your child’s phone, including text messages, call logs, emails, photos and videos, browser history, among other activities.

There’s also a GPS tracking feature that allows you to view all locations of the targeted device within 50 feet on a Google Maps format. Additional features include a keylogger, remote uninstall, search alerts that notify you when pre-determined search terms are entered, and remote lock.

All that’s needed to access this program is a mobile device with Android 5 or later or iOS 7 or later. Updates are included with your purchase. Highster Mobile Cell Phone Monitoring has been featured in The New York Times, Medium, Tech Junkie, and other leading publications.

Even the most protective of parents are unable to be with their child 24 hours a day. When they’re not there, Highster Mobile Cell Phone Monitoring can step in and offer an extra pair of eyes along with robust security. Purchase it today for $69.99.

Prices subject to change.