Samuel Adams Available in Cans Starting this Summer

Sam Adams, the popular Boston beer has been one of the last holdouts to embrace the aluminum can. But as the craft beer continues to rise in popularity, it’s also creating demand from customers for easily transferable containers, especially during warmer weather.

While Boston Beer Co. — the parent company of Sam Adams, already uses a Colorado company to can its popular Twisted Tea alcoholic tea beverage, this will be the first time it uses a can for its signature brand.

The canned lager, dubbed a “Sam Can”, will be available in 12- packs nationwide, for a suggested retail price ranging from $14.99 to $17.99

Sam  Adams Chairman Jim Koch says he has been thinking seriously about putting his beer in cans since at least August, 2010 but said that the taste issues that arise from aluminum cans or the BPA in plastic can liners were the main factors holding him back.

According to a published report in the Boston Globe, the beer company has hired new product development consultants to create a can for the beer which will have an hourglass shape. Another issue the brand wants incorporated into the can’s design is a wider mouth, to avoid the issue conventional cans have regarding lack of air flow.

The Boston Beer Co. is not the first craft brewer to launch a canned version of their beer: Sierra Nevada and Redhook Ale Brewery have already begun selling IPAs in cans.

Source : BeerNet