Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock’s ‘The Blind Side’ Costar Wants People To Leave Her Out Of Michael Oher Scandal

Actor Quinton Aaron, who played Michael Oher in The Blind Side, is speaking out on behalf of Sandra Bullock in light of revelations about the story behind the 2009 film.

Bullock, whose portrayal of Leigh Anne Tuohy earned her an Academy Award for Best Actress, has been relatively quiet following news that Oher had been tricked into conservatorship by the Tuohys, who’d also lied about key parts of his life in their “white savior” narrative. Aaron feels his costar is being unfairly attacked for simply doing her job.

“Saying stuff like she needs to relinquish her title doesn’t make any sense,” said Aaron regarding calls for Bullock’s Oscar to be revoked. “She gave a brilliant performance and that shouldn’t be tarnished for something that had nothing to do with her.”

Neither Bullock nor Aaron was aware of the Tuohys’ alleged scheme to benefit from Oher’s story or athletic prowess, and it is still unclear if liberties were taken by John Lee Hancock, who wrote and directed the film.

“I really feel like we live in a society today where people are so hellbent on pointing blame on people. To make a statement like that, doesn’t make any sense,” Aaron continued. “Sandra Bullock didn’t have anything to do with the real story… I think that people just need to chill out, relax and let the families involved handle whatever is going on.”

The 39-year-old actor’s portrayal of Oher catapulted him to Hollywood fame, but the recent news is giving him mixed feelings about the legacy of the film as well as the role he played that brought the story to light.

“I didn’t know what to think. It’s news to me… unfortunately, it’s not a good turn of events,” he said. “This movie inspired so many people, and changed people’s lives, mine included. I feel for everyone involved. I’m not taking sides. I love Michael. I love the Tuohy family.”