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Chicago Woman Convicted of Killing And Dismembering Landlord

Sandra Kolalou was found guilty by a jury of killing Frances Walker after being served with an eviction notice.

A woman in Chicago was recently convicted of first-degree murder after being accused of killing her landlord after she was served with an eviction notice in 2022.

Sandra Kolalou was found guilty by a jury on April 22 of murdering and dismembering her landlord in October 2022. The jury took more than 7 hours and found Kolalou guilty of all charges, including first-degree murder, dismembering a body, concealing a homicidal death, and aggravated identity theft.

The landlord, Frances Walker, was discovered dismembered when her severed head, arms, and legs were found stuffed in a freezer in the home the two shared (her torso was never recovered). Prosecutors stated that the night before Walker’s body was found, on Oct. 9, 2022, at least two tenants stated they heard the two arguing in the basement, although Kolalou denied that happened.

The following day, tenants said they were alarmed with texts sent by Walker’s phone. One stated that Kolalou would be taking care of her dog and, if any of the tenants moved out, to give Kolalou the keys. Police officers were contacted and questioned Kolalou while she was getting into a tow truck to retrieve her vehicle, which had broken down the previous day. She had a trash bag with her, and when police were talking to her, she became combative, but she did allow them to search her bedroom before they left the home.

The neighbors decided to look through her room after she left, and they allegedly found traces of blood and asked the police to come back to the home. Other tenants followed Kolalou to the beach, where she purportedly threw the black trash bag into a waste container. When police went to the beach, they found the bag and discovered it contained bloody rags.

Prosecutors said that she tried to pay for the tow service with a credit card that belonged to Walker.

Kolalou insisted that someone framed her for Walker’s murder. Her attorneys stated she maintains her innocence and will file an appeal.

Walker’s younger brother, Arnold Walker, said, “I believe justice was done, and I’m glad society will be a little bit safer without this person out there.”