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Teen Goes Viral With Crochet Prom Dress Inspired By Zendaya

The teen made the pink, floor-length dress by hand after she was invited to attend someone’s prom as their date.

Sarah Akinbuwa, an 18-year-old from Boston, has taken the internet by storm with her self-made crochet prom dress.

The pink, strapless floor-length gown, complete with crocheted roses, a matching shrug, and a handbag, has captivated social media users worldwide. A TikTok video showcasing Akinbuwa’s creation has amassed over 25 million views, with viewers marveling at her skill and the dress’s modest $60 cost.

In a separate video posted to Akinbuwa’s TikTok page, a woman is heard complimenting the teen’s dress as she poses in the mirror. “You made that?” the woman asks in amazement before she expresses how beautiful she thinks the dress looks. Other voices in the video’s background can also be heard complimenting the young designer’s garment as she poses in a bathroom mirror and records herself.

The unique gown, which the high schooler whipped up in just three days, was inspired by Zendaya’s 2023 SAG Awards attire, a Valentino Haute Couture creation adorned with 190 roses, according to People. Valentino designer Pierpaolo Piccioli detailed the design, which The Hollywood Reporter noted was orchestrated by now-retired stylist Law Roach. “1230 Hours of global work, 190 hand embroidered roses, 5 hours of sewing for each one, 42 people involved in the making, 1 catch up in Rome with Z and Law and a final stunning red carpet,” Piccioli said about his masterpiece.

“My friends loved the dress, and I got tons of compliments,” Akinbuwa told People. Her passion for crochet began at age 12, and she has since been fulfilling custom orders for friends, family, and followers. The young designer’s talent and creativity have not gone unnoticed. Her TikTok page showcases more of her crochet designs, hinting at a promising future in fashion. Akinbuwa’s post-college aspirations include becoming a fashion designer, a dream that seems well within reach, given her viral success.

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