Are You Retired? Here's How You Can Save Money On Vacations
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Are You Retired? Here’s How You Can Save Money On Vacations

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Memorial Day weekend is gone, and summer vacation season has begun. The weather is getting nicer, the school year is coming to a close and gasoline prices are higher. We all love getting away from our jobs and day to day life, but our budget is usually a bit tighter after retirement.

However, retirees have many advantages when it comes to vacations. Retirement doesn’t have to mean an end to vacations.

Here are some ways to save money on your vacation this year:

Avoid the peak travel season. It’s almost peak travel season in the U.S., and everything will be more expensive until September. Many working families are restricted to traveling during summer breaks, and the hospitality industry raises their prices accordingly. Retirees can travel anytime they want to, and they can save on everything from flight tickets to accommodation.

Senior discounts. If there is a silver lining to getting old, it’s the senior discounts. Amtrak will give you a 15 percent discount on most trips if you’re over 62. AARP members can get very good discounts on rental cars and hotels. Many area attractions like museums and aquariums also give senior discounts, so you should always ask about the senior discount if you’re older than 55.

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