#SB50: A Week’s Worth of Super Events Led Up to the Big Game

#SB50: A Week’s Worth of Super Events Led Up to the Big Game

The Super Bowl is more than enough excitement in itself. Two teams competing to be the world’s football champions, celebrations, parties, food and friends are everything you need to have a great time. However, Sunday’s night game is the icing on the cake. The pre-game activities were just as incredible and memorable. The Bay Area kicked off events days before the big game and had something to offer in many industries including health, education, dining and entertainment.

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Earlier in the week, The Global Brian Health Coalition (GBHC) partnered with Steinberg Sports and Entertainment to host the Super Bowl Brain Health Summit and party. GBHC brings overall brain health, education and awareness to communities worldwide. This year they focused on the future of neurological technology, testing, protection, treatment and health of players in the NFL–a topic that’s receiving much widespread recognition and has even made it to the big screen in the movie Concussion featuring Will Smith.

Glazer Palooza + Suits & Sneakers teamed up to host a stylish event featuring a runway fashion show produced by Phoenix Fashion Week and highlighting custom suit brand, Elevee Lifestyle. The show included professional male and female athletes as the models who walked the catwalk in custom lifestyle apparel, designer suits and branded sneakers. The event was DJ’d by celebrity DJs Tommy Lee, DJ Aero and SKAM Artist DJ Fred Matters. What made this event even more spectacular was the charitable cause. A portion of proceeds from the event went to Merging Vets + Players, an organization created by Glazer in partnership with Boulder Crest Retreat to help veterans returning from war readjust and lead productive lives at home.

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