SBU Expert Melinda Emerson Discusses How to Pick an Accountant


Join the nation’s premier small business expert Melinda Emerson, also known as SmallBiz Lady, as she educates our audience on crowdfunding and hiring a lawyer or accountant for your small business in the Black Enterprise Small Business University (SBU) sponsored by AARP.

The SBU program is designed to help small business owners and entrepreneurs network and learn new methods to grow their business.

“One of the first professionals you will need to hire for your small business is a good accountant. There are three levels of accounting experts you can hire to help you: a bookkeeper, an accountant and a certified public accountant or (CPA). The main differences between these providers is their hourly rates and their level of expertise.”

Join Melinda on SBU as she explains the steps and factors to look for when picking an accountant.