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Sean John Will No Longer Be Sold At Macy’s

A source states that "the Sean John collection has started to phase out" of Macy's since "early fall 2023."

Retailer Macy’s has announced that it will be phasing out Sean “Diddy” Combs’ fashion line, Sean John. A source has told Radar Online that the line won’t be available starting this month.

Although Diddy was accused of sexual assault by his former artist and girlfriend, Cassie, and then settled the suit 24 hours later, the source stated that the decision to stop carrying the brand was already in place before news got out about the lawsuit.

As part of our ongoing review of our brand portfolio, the Sean John collection has started to phase out of assortment since early fall 2023,” the source informed the media outlet on Wednesday, Nov. 22.

The same source also said that Macy’s corporate headquarters have been evaluating Sean Jean for some time now. They noticed that the brand hadn’t been selling like it had in the past when it was more popular in the late ’90s and early ’00s. They stated that the hip-hop businessman’s “products are being removed” and “won’t be available on the site,” adding that retail stores are “always evaluating” the products to see “what’s relevant” to their customers and that Sean John is no longer a popular item.

Macy’s has been in business with Sean John since it debuted in 1998, and it had an exclusive agreement with the brand for over 20 years since 2010.

Diddy sold the brand to Global Brands Group in 2016. In 2021, Diddy sued Sean Jean for $25 million; in the lawsuit, he stated that he never endorsed the line nor given Global Brands Group, Sean John, or Missguided authorization to associate his name with the collection. Later that year, according to Women’s Wear Daily, the Bad Boy was able to buy back Sean Jean with a winning bid of $7.551 million.

It was reported that four other parties placed bids on the brand, but Diddy succeeded in obtaining the brand he started. Originally, 45 potential buyers were notified that the brand was up for auction.