Flyers, KKK, neighborhood

‘Secure A White Future’ Flyers Thrown At Homes of Atlanta Suburb

Homeowners of the Legacy Lake subdivision in the Atlanta suburb of Hampton, Georgia, were horrified to find racist flyers in their yards on July 23.

Multiple flyers with phrases such as “Secure A White Future” and “Have More White Babies” were found in bags along residents’ driveways, WSB-TV reports.

Victims of the racist harassment believe the culprits’ motive was to exploit the mass shooting tragedy that occurred the weekend before. Four people were fatally shot by a Black assailant, potentially causing racial strife in the area. It was later confirmed that the flyers also listed the shooter’s race and his victims, possibly proving this theory.

One of the residents whose home was targeted, Khloe Branch, says the perpetrators “could be dangerous.” Surveillance cameras captured footage of the incident around 12:45 a.m., well before the morning on Sunday.

City officials expressed disappointment, calling it “disgusting,” denouncing the action.

“We are deeply disappointed someone has littered our city with this garbage,” said City Manager Alex Cohilas. “This is not representative of our city, our citizens, or our values. We condemn it as disgusting, divisive, and exploitative of a highly tragic event. Our police are aggressively investigating to find out who is behind it. Detectives already have a significant lead.”

Residents fear the rise of white supremacy around their neighborhood following the shooting. The Mayor’s Office for the City of Hampton has stated that an investigation by its local police and the Atlanta field office for the FBI is underway.

As these back-to-back transgressions rock their community, one resident is reminding the perpetrators that there are better ways to express discontent,

“I feel sorry for them, because you don’t want to take the time to do this, and you want to bother people. You want to hate on people. Why don’t you try love?”