Secure Your Home or Small Business Affordably with Netgear’s Arlo Q

Secure Your Home or Small Business Affordably with Netgear’s Arlo Q

Today, Netgear announced the Arlo Q–a smart camera that offers an affordable way to set up security in a home or small business. Or, it can be used to monitor pets, children, or the elderly, remotely.

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The Arlo Q connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi. Customers can instantly see a live video stream from the camera, no matter where they, are using the free Arlo app.

The camera’s video is 1080p HD with a 4-megapixel image sensor and night vision. It has a 130-degree wide-angle lens which allows for viewing entire rooms from corner to corner. The Arlo Q also supports two-way audio for yelling at the kids or dog remotely.

Arlo Q also has customizable motion detection. It can be configured so that it won’t start recording video if the cat, for example, is walking around, but will start if someone is coming through a window or door at an hour when no one should be in the home. The camera also kicks in recording using sound detection.

The base of the Arlo Q has a magnet, so it will affix to any metal surface (or to the metal reinforcements behind walls in most modern homes). It also ships with a wall-mounting kit and can be placed on a desktop.

The camera can also store video. Netgear offers a free basic cloud storage plan. With it, customers can store recorded video for a seven-day retention period. Small businesses or those who want longer storage times can opt for the Arlo Q’s Continuous Video Recording (CVR) plan for a monthly fee.

Arlo Q also integrates with IFTTT (If This, Then That), a service that lets users customize smart home devices such as the Arlo. There are IFTTT “recipes” that can be enabled to trigger the Arlo to perform a certain task when a specific event occurs. For example, there is a recipe that will send a call to a designated phone when motion is detected.

“With Arlo Q, our goal is to deliver an incredible end-to-end experience that leaves you feeling as though you are right there in your home, even though you may be a world away,” said Pat Collins, vice president of smart home products, Netgear. “In addition to Arlo Q’s amazing HD video and audio quality, we are excited to be adding a new set of powerful software features to the Arlo platform, including motion zones, continuous video recording, and digital zoom, that will even further enhance the Arlo experience.”

The Arlo Q 1080p HD Security Camera with Audio (model VMC3040) will be available in December at an MSRP of $219.99–less than the cost of a monthly alarm system.