See Where Black History Lives: The HistoryMakers Featured On Upcoming 60 Minutes Episode

See Where Black History Lives: The HistoryMakers Featured On Upcoming 60 Minutes Episode

Ever wonder where some of Black history actually lives?

The HistoryMakers will be featured on CBS’ 60 Minutes Sunday, highlighting the importance of preserving Black History. CBS News reports the nonprofit educational institution is an expansive digital archive that features a “who’s who of Black Americans.”

So far, the archive holds 3,500 interviews, which can be found in the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. With Black history being attacked and erased, highlighting this collection comes at a pivotal times.

In the segment, 60 Minutes reporter Bill Whitaker interviews NFL legend Jerry Rice on how his family’s backstory is included in The HistoryMakers.

“It’s almost like just going into the Football Hall of Fame,” Rice said. “This is big for me.”

The retired 49ers wide receiver will be in good company.

Of the numerous testimonies, according to the website, there are some that viewers would be lucky to lay their eyes on. Like mathematician Katherine Johnson’s historic calculation of John Glenn’s orbit or activist Angela Davis’ false accusation, capture, imprisonment, and acquittal. Some interviews may not be as popular but still have massive resonance such as Alonzo Pettie, who was the oldest living Black cowboy at the time of the interview.

Some of the interviewees, like Fortune 500 CEO Ursula Burns, have praised HistoryMakers founder Julieanna L. Richardson for her efforts.

“I would like to commend Julieanna Richardson for creating The HistoryMakers,” Burns said, via the website. “The archives are a more inclusive chronicle of American history. Thank you for offering it to the world.”

Other interviews will amaze history lovers such as talks with veteran actor James Earl Jones, comedian and activist Dick Gregory, and author Alice Walker (The Color Purple). Former President Barack Obama was highlighted when he was still an Illinois state senator.

The 60 Minutes segment premieres Sunday at 7 p.m. Eastern.