Go Ahead and Toot: 3 Good Reasons to Brag in the Office

“Do not be afraid to self-promote,” says certified career and life coach Dr. Kym Harris who is the CEO of Your SweetSpot Coaching and Consulting. “It’s not bragging if it’s true.” In any career field, professionals are always looking for the best ways to promote their company and brand not realizing that they are their biggest promoters. With the help of the internet and social media, it’s easy for you to be the number one factor in pushing your brand and career forward, and below are three reasons why self-promotion is vital to your business.

Shows that you believe in your brand: Some of the most successful people got to where they are in their career because they didn’t shy away from promoting their work, business and brand to the public. Take Diddy for example. Ever since he’s entered a business deal with the liquor brand Ciroc he’s been the face of the company, using every opportunity from award shows to after-parties to social networks to promote the brand and convince you that Ciroc should be your first drink of choice.

Helps you connect with other like-minded professionals: Promoting your work will also help others take note of your career accomplishments and cause like-minded professionals to flock to your brand. In an office setting, Dr. Harris explains how taking the time to talk about your contributions to a company can also “create opportunities to exchange ideas and seek thought partnership with your boss and other leaders in the organization.”

Helps you to celebrate your career milestones: “It’s easy to become so focused on getting the work done that you don’t take the time to celebrate milestones,” says Dr. Harris. Acknowledging the work that you’ve done for your own company or someone else’s company will help you to recognize your self-worth and how much of an asset you are to your professional team.