Sell Phones

Q: I’m in the process of starting a wireless business, but I’m having trouble finding a company where I can purchase cell phones to resell in my store. Is there a number to call or Website to visit?
— G. Bronson, Via the Internet

A: If you want dependable supplies of the best-selling cell phones, go straight to the source. Contact major wireless service providers and telephone manufacturers, such as Verizon, Sprint/Nextel, and Motorola. They have procedures in place for value-added resellers to buy their mobile phones, accessories, and services wholesale.

Ask the companies to identify their major distributors. These distributors are the most reliable sources of inventory. As representatives of the phone companies, distributors will work closely with you during the product and equipment selection process, providing help in areas such as ordering, tracking, and material installations, as well as additional services to meet the needs of your customers.

Visit the Websites of the phone companies and look for their online applications to purchase cell phones wholesale or to be a value-added reseller. You can also contact them directly for detailed information about their partnership agreements.